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The Wedding of

Natalie Elaine Grant and Wayne Edward Slepecki

Natalie and Wayne met in early December 2005 at the Hard Times Café in Herndon, VA during football season. They were both there to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and their friends introduced them. On January 7th, they went on their first date to Ned Devine’s in Sterling, VA. Many months later, during the Summer of 2006, Wayne very cutely asked Natalie if he could move in with her by rearranging word magnets on her fridge to say “Can I move in?” She happily accepted and on August 25th, Wayne moved in! Over the next several years, they enjoyed many things together – Steelers football and the NFL season, Halloween, summer fun by the pool, hosting UFC parties, hosting New Year's Eve Costume parties, riding their motorcycles, tattoos, and many others.

On February 7th in 2015, Natalie and Wayne were spending a beautiful family day at her oldest sister’s house. They enjoyed quality time with the family, playing with her nieces and nephew, jumping on the trampoline (don’t worry, just Natalie did this), hiking the woods, coloring and laughing. Later in the afternoon, Wayne pulled the adults together to verbally thank Natalie for her support and love throughout the years. Then Wayne got down on one knee and surprised her with the question she’d been waiting to hear…. Wayne Proposed!!! Of course, she accepted.

Natalie and Wayne are now looking forward to celebrating their marriage on October 31st of this year with each of you. They are also looking forward to their future together too!